Our Experts

Director, Extractive Resource Governance Program

Principal Consultant, Archibald Consulting

Masters of Management Science, University of Waterloo; HBSc (Geology), Lakehead University

Ms. Archibald is the Director of the Extractive Resource Government Program (ERGP). As an Under-Secretary in the Northwest Territories (NWT), Ms. Archibald was responsible for:

  • Establishing a legislative framework for the responsible and sustainable management of oil, gas, and mineral resources.
  • Developing and implementing a Northwest Territories Mineral Development Strategy.
  • Oversight of the NWT Geological Survey.
  • Initiating the development of the NWT Mineral Resources Act.

Ms. Archibald’s formal training and experience as a geologist underpin this public sector experience. Prior to working for the government, she spent ten years in the private sector as both a mineral exploration geologist and mine operations geologist. In April 2017, Ms. Archibald left the Government of the NWT to establish her own consulting firm, aiming to provide strategic advice to government on the development of their mineral and petroleum resources. She joined The School of Public Policy as the Director of the ERGP in November 2017.

Research Director, Distinguished Fellow & Program Director, Tax and Economic Growth, The School of Public Policy

PhD in economics, London School of Economics

Mr. Dahlby has served as a policy advisor to the federal and provincial governments in Canada on a range of tax and fiscal policy issues, including the reform of business taxation, the fiscal equalization program, and saving non-renewable resource revenues. In July 2016, he was appointed Chair of the British Columbia Commission on Tax Competitiveness by the BC Minister of Finance. Mr. Dahlby has published extensively on tax policy and fiscal federalism and is currently a member of Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission.

His international experience includes advisory work on tax reform for the IMF, the Thailand Development Research Institute, and the World Bank in Thailand, Malawi, Brazil, and Mexico.  Under The School of Public Policy’s Extractive Resource Governance Program, he has worked with governments in Guyana, Mongolia, and Romania to develop and reform their fiscal regimes for resource revenues. In 2010, Mr. Dahlby was awarded the Doug Purvis Memorial Prize by the Canadian Economics Association for a work of excellence relating to Canadian economic policy.

Managing Director & Principle Consultant, geo eynon & associate consulting inc

President Elect, APEGA (Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists)

Director, Board of Directors, CSUR (Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources)

MSc, McMaster University; BSc, University of London

Mr. Eynon is a seasoned energy sector Executive and Board member, with 45 years’ professional experience in senior technical, research, management, executive and board roles. He has broad experience with regulatory agencies, education and research institutes, professional associations, consulting firms, and oil & gas companies.

Currently, Mr. Eynon is Managing Director and Principle Consultant with geo eynon & associate consulting inc. This firm provides strategic, operational and regulatory advice, community and stakeholder engagement, and board and governance services.

Mr. Eynon has recently been appointed President Elect of APEGA (the regulatory agency for the professions of engineering and geoscience in Alberta), and as a member of the Board of Directors of CSUR (Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources). He served as a Board member at the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) from 2008- 2013, and also as a Hearing Commissioner with the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER).

Prior to 2008, he worked in energy and management consulting and research, with organizations such as Cambridge Energy Research Associates, Ziff Energy, and the Canadian Energy Research Institute. Mr. Eynon has also held various technical, managerial, and executive roles in the oil and gas industry, previously working with Amoco, Paramount Resources, Superior Oil, Suncor, and Bow Valley Energy.

President, Cheryl Knight & Associates Ltd.

Master of Education in Counseling; Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Psychology; Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) certificate.

Ms. Knight has more than 30 years of experience in organizations of all sizes in the energy, financial, transportation, and post-secondary education sectors.

As the founding Executive Director and CEO of the Petroleum Human Resources Council of Canada (the Council) until 2013, Cheryl led the organization to become Canada’s recognized expert in oil and gas workforce issues and labour market intelligence.  Her leadership and results-focused approach established the Council as the labour market expert for Canada’s petroleum industry and a valued partner in the delivery of effective workforce solutions.

Ms. Knight specializes in the use of labour market, energy industry and business expertise to provide innovative and practical workforce strategies to address business and growth requirements:

  • Engagement strategies and tactics to identify and access under-utilized labour supply pools.
  • Labour market trend analysis and use of workforce analytics to inform strategy development.
  • Analyses of skill requirements to identify talent sourcing solutions including transferrable skills, community partnerships, branding and outreach.
  • Occupational competencies and standards for use in attraction, skills and career development and management of performance.
  • Change management to improve organizational capability.

Lesley has worked in varying capacities as a regulatory advisor in the energy and mining industry and for energy regulators in Canada for the past 20+ years. In 2013, Lesley started her own consultancy, Polaris Solutions Inc., with a focus on providing regulatory strategy advice to her clients.

Currently, Lesley is the Director, Regulatory on behalf of her client, Titanium Corporation, assisting them to commercialize their first project recovering valuable heavy minerals from oil sands tailings waste.

From 2013 to 2016, Lesley advised Kinder Morgan Canada Inc. (now Kinder Morgan Canada Ltd. or KML) on its Trans Mountain Expansion Project, serving as the Regulatory and Compliance Lead and assisting KML to navigate the National Energy Board review process. Lesley was also responsible for coordinating the federal permitting process, which included engaging with federal agencies such as Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, Transport Canada, Fisheries and Oceans, and the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (Port of Vancouver).

Lesley has experience working directly for the federal energy regulator, the National Energy Board. As a Regulatory Development Specialist at the Board, Lesley advised Board Members on program and process improvements, and on regulatory policy issues related to energy development within the Board’s jurisdiction. Lesley consulted with Aboriginal communities and landowners, helping to enhance the capacity of these stakeholders to participate in the Board’s hearing process. As an Environmental Specialist, Lesley advised Board Members on applications for new and expanded pipeline systems in British Columbia and Alberta.

Lesley has training and experience in conflict resolution, facilitation, and program evaluation. In 2017, Lesley partnered with the CD Howe Institute to publish a paper on the Federal government’s initiative to modernize the National Energy Board.

Mexico Liaison, Extractive Resource Governance Program
Executive Fellow, School of Public Policy
B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, University of Manitoba

Mr. McFadyen is a professional engineer with over three decades of experience in the public service and the energy sector. Following his tenure as Chairman of the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) from 2008 -2012, Mr. McFadyen joined The School as an Executive Fellow and served as the Director of the Extractive Resource Governance Program (ERGP) from 2013-2017. He currently serves as the Mexico Liaison for the ERGP.

Prior to joining the ERCB, he was appointed Alberta Deputy Minister of Energy in January 2006 where he was responsible for a diverse resource development portfolio. His responsibilities included oil, oil sands, natural gas, petrochemicals, electricity, coal and minerals. Earlier, Mr. McFadyen has served as:

  • Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and Public Policy with the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA)
  • Deputy Minister of Energy in Nova Scotia
  • Key positions in the Saskatchewan Research Council
  • Key positions in the Saskatchewan Departments of Industry & Resources and Energy & Mines.

Over his career, Mr. McFadyen has developed expertise in energy and mineral policy and planning. His specific areas of expertise include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Mineral tenure policy and practice
  • Fiscal regimes
  • Regulatory policy and practice
  • Research and technology
  • Energy related environmental issues such as climate change

Mr. McFadyen is a member of the Association of Engineers, Geologists, and Geophysicists of Alberta. He also serves as an independent Director on the Board of Directors of Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada.