Training Services

We offer a wide range of training programs and policy development services to meet the unique needs of our partners and clients. These offerings include an executive certificate course in Extractive Resource Governance, customized workshops and online seminars, as well as expert policy and regulatory advice.


The training approach and organization of the program overall is excellent-Past training participant

We offer an Extractive Resource Governance Executive Certificate, a non-academic certificate for extractive resource legislators, regulators and policy profes¬sionals. The Certificate includes the three modules of Fiscal Governance, Regulation of Oil and Gas Development, and Public Engagement and Community Consultation, which teach international best practices and address emerging issues in mining and petroleum development. The certificate can be delivered in-country and customized to address the specific challenges and opportunities a country faces.
Depending on the needs of the country, this course can be delivered as separate modules over 4-5 days, as well as all together over 12-15 days depending on partner preferences and needs.
We tailor workshops and seminars to focus on key areas of interest to help clients build and develop their skills. Examples of workshops and seminars include:
Regulatory and Policy Best Practices
This foundational workshop takes a high-level view of best practices in resource governance, targeting our clients’ specific governance needs. Topics can include economics and financial analysis, royalty and tax collection systems, land-use planning, environmental impact assessments, regulatory design, and enhancing foreign investment. We share our lessons learned in Canada from decades of oil and gas sector development.
Establishing a Natural Resource Development Framework
Investigate approaches to developing the overall framework of energy legislation, including occupational health and safety, environmental protection, and the relationship between a government and its regulatory function.
Energy Reform Implementation
Learn how to reform current governance frameworks so they meet new objectives, such as increasing foreign investment, while enhancing transparency and accountability.
Unconventional Resource Management and Revenue Streams
Some resources are unique, and so governments may choose different approaches to ensure the development framework is appropriate. Learn how unconventional oil and gas development, such as hydraulic fracturing from shale, may require different approaches to fiscal governance and regulatory frameworks.
Establishing an Effective and Independent Upstream Regulator
Understand key principles in establishing an effective and independent upstream regulator by studying Canada’s journey in changing how it regulates the upstream oil and gas sector.
Social License to Operate and Local Benefits
Many jurisdictions have discovered that the public, especially people who live near energy projects, will influence development by supporting or objecting to it. Investigate how to create a system where these important stakeholders can be appropriately included in energy development.
Policy & Regulatory Assessment
We provide analytical and technical assistance to governments as they assess their existing framework and make decisions about where to make improvements.
We provide customized, short, online training seminars that either support a larger program or act as a stand-alone learning opportunity. Seminars can focus on any topic a client needs and are developed on a case-by-case basis. Seminars can range from general overviews to detailed and technical instruction; for example:

  • The role of the regulator
  • Compliance assurance
  • Public engagement overview
  • Double taxation treaty negotiations and strategies
  • Fiscal benchmarking, including the Marginal Effective Tax Rate Methodology (METR)
  • Thin capitalization and interest deductibility
  • Production sharing contract negotiations